I think it's important that you understand a little bit about who I am before we decide to spend your wedding day together. I self describe as a people-person, with introverted tendencies. I can often be found editing at The Studio on King, answering emails over a drink at Fixed Gear Brewing, going on adventures with my dog José, watching Bon Apetité's youtube channel with my girlfriend Kelly, or recording a podcast at 90c inside a barrel sauna.

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I Like The Cold

The winter season is when I get to reflect on the year I have had, and plan for the year ahead. I am also addicted to sauna culture (if that is a thing). I am not a spiritual or religious person, except when it comes to sweating in a barrel sauna followed by a cold plunge. It's very hard to describe in words the sensation and out-of-body experiences I have had through this ritual. I enjoy the challenge of pushing myself outside of my bubble of comfort. Winter is also the season when I do the majority of my traveling. This video is a little combo of these two things.


Yeah I travel a bit, and not just for destination weddings. I travel with my friend and fellow-photographer Taylor Jackson. We like to make videos about photography in strange new places, it's been sort of our thing since 2016.

My Ideal Couple

Are people who value people over product, time over expectations, and experiences over platitudes. If I can distill that down even further: My ideal couple are as present for their wedding day as possible. They hire me to capture the important, unexpected, and sometimes quiet moments. I take a documentary approach, so you can expect a fair number of candid moments captured. I am not big on over-posing people, or re-creating images from Pinterest, those images never feel authentic to me or my couples. My favourite images are when my couples are natural and playful. When they are easy to laugh and smile. When they are dipped-into the moment and that "present-feeling" washes over them. If this sounds like you, and you think we would be a good fit, I'm looking forward to hearing from you.